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Hyde Guards



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The Rallyduro Kit is made up a screen, bracket and fittings, shroud, dash, and 2 LED lights. Weighing only 3kg in total, the kit is super lightweight which means it does not adversely affect the bike's handling, which is especially important when riding through sand and other technical sections. The dash and shroud were carefully designed to ensure the front wheel is still visible to the rider - extremely important in technical terrain and in general. The dash accommodates the speedometer, gps, and ACC plug and the design and angle allow for easy visuals of the dash while riding for obvious safety reasons. The dash is also positioned and designed to be easy to see passed. The well-designed screen is super flexible for offroad use, and offers rider protection at high speeds, as well as providing full visibility. The 2 LED lights have a "BRIGHTS" option which makes night riding a whole lot easier and safer, with better vision for the rider.*Decals and colours differ according to standard bike colours. *Other HYDE products are also available for these bikes: poly sump guard; poly exhaust sump guard combo; poly swingarm and rear disc guards; poly front disc and fork guards; handguards; as well as carbon kevlar infusion guards for ignition, clutch, waterpump, and exhaust.

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